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WPC Foam Boards

WPC Boards are those kinds of boards which includes the benefits of both plastic and wood developed from rising technology. Form boards includes features like not getting affected by water when compared with wood. These are made specially to be used continuously up to 30 times. Having better dimensional stability, the looks, touch and texture is similar to wood. WPC Crust foam boards is of wooden texture and also greater service life. They are resistant to warping, cracking, rotting, wood knurl and twill and therefore can be used for a greater period. The surface rigidity and the texture of WPC foam boards are hard. These are also resistant to wear and one of the attracting features is that these can be made into different colours according to the customer priority. These foam boards are made from high quality machine.

Tekno WPC foam boards, India covers a large area of application which starts from the interior grade boards which is used for making kitchen cabinets, kitchen shutters, furniture. We are WPC form board manufactures and suppliers in Kerala, India providing quality WPC foam boards. As we move further we use these for the constructing temporary shelters for government housing projects, low cost housing and other road projects and for building construction. These WPC foam boards do not need compulsory lamination for the end user application when compared to the conventional plywood and MDF boards. By printing and coating we can get more mileage into the moisture proof structure of WPC. These boards are available with different names like calcium boards, wpc MDF boards, wpc panels, construction boards, wpc frame work panels, shuttering boards, wood PVC boards , wpc sheets, crust foam boards etc in the global markets. It is the formulations that plays the major role in developing wpc and that therefore is the master key in which the wpc foam boards are known by the above given names.

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  We are writing to convey our gratitude for the prompt service & excellent quality of goods.The products are more convenient for me and I have checked the prices which were reasonable.   

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   The quality of the products is what really means the most to us. The kitchen design and the decking both have a great look, we are really pleased. with the results.   

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