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WPC Wooden Flooring

Tekno WPC boards are one of the best wood plastic composite suppliers and producers in India based on Kerala. Our products and services are rendered all over India and the world also. We have several categories of products such as composite door series, floor series, deck series, wallboard series etc. We are here offering you the best and the most complete service and maintenance including commissioning, design and decking. We provide you with comprehensive range and excellent tongue groove porch flooring. High Quality Living Room Floor Tile products are available at Tekno WPC board suppliers Wooden Floor Tile.

The wood flooring is made of fused material which is warmed up with the plastic mixed with the wood fibers, differing from the latter wood fiber and the ordinary floor glue. Our preferences include the customerís choices. We also assure high quality products which are made from highly advanced equipments with strict quality control. We offer large, advanced and improved rational solutions for size reduction of any kind as one of the leading universal manufacturers of wick wood plastic composite services and products.

Nowadays home decoration is becoming a new favourite and people prefer the WPC wood flooring without thinking any other option. Our products are made of advanced process also with continuous innovation. WPC wood flooring due to its comfortable living, healthy , stylish and green and also making convenient with decoration the wick boards has occupied place in the market and it is been welcomed heartedly by the homeowners and businesses. They make interior decoration with premier tongue and porch wood. In order to heat the floor very well we use special effects. We make sure that the floor is absolutely with no formaldehyde and no benzene and is prime choice for decorating home. The flooring is absolutely water-proof, tasteless, acid, anti-static, paint, inhibiting fungal and in line assuring with human comfort.

Our Mission


  We are writing to convey our gratitude for the prompt service & excellent quality of goods.The products are more convenient for me and I have checked the prices which were reasonable.   

Dan Adams

   The quality of the products is what really means the most to us. The kitchen design and the decking both have a great look, we are really pleased. with the results.   

Sara Lopes